Unprecedented supply challenges continue to disrupt businesses on a global scale. In many instances, order backlogs have reached record historical highs as manufacturers struggle to ship product in the face of critical part shortages.

bb7 has completed several projects in which we have sourced alternative components for circuit boards and mechanical assemblies. This enables our clients to ensure production continuity by understanding requirements, identifying alternative components, then qualifying, sourcing, and replacing components into an existing design or redesigning as needed, and testing the replacement components and systems.

Why come to bb7? We have the experience and talent in requirements definition, design, and verification to deliver qualified solutions that meet your needs, resulting in shipment of product with verified alternate components, increased revenue to the clients, and freeing internal capacity for other projects.

The short-term project value is on-time shipment of product, backlog reduction, and increase in revenue.  Long-term value opportunities may include cost reductions, feature additions, form factor changes, designing for future part shortages and product roadmaps to increase revenue and profitability while mitigating long-term risk.

While addressing the supply chain shortage and challenges, bb7 will also help you maximize ROI by reviewing your existing platforms, product lines, and SKUs, then identifying redundancies, performance issues, cost reduction targets, and feature enhancements.

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