Meet Alex, one of our talented software engineers. He is a natural at programming and enjoys working on physical products. Alex’s dream project would involve working on a musical device, combining his love for music and electronics. Alex is also passionate about working on medical devices that improve people’s quality of life. He has worked on cancer therapy equipment and takes pride in working on products with the potential to save lives. This blend of professional fulfillment and personal passion is a significant source of motivation.

Alex’s journey into embedded software started long before he was aware of the field, when his grandfather introduced him to the basics of soldering and electronics. As a child, Alex would buy electronics from Goodwill, dismantle and rewire them to create various effects. Alex initially pursued abstract mathematics and the philosophy of mathematics/logic, exploring set theory and graph theory. However, his academic path shifted towards electrical engineering, where he discovered that programming embedded devices perfectly combined his interests in mathematics, logic, and electronic devices.

Outside work, Alex is an avid cyclist who enjoys both riding and repairing bikes. His love for understanding how things work extend into his hobbies, where he continues to repair and modify electronic instruments such as drum machines, effects pedals, and amplifiers. Recently, Alex has taken up photography, finding and fixing a camera he discovered by the roadside. He modified it to capture full-spectrum photography, revealing the hidden beauty of plant life in infrared and ultraviolet light.

Alex’s story shows passion and curiosity can lead to a fulfilling career. His contributions to bb7 and the field of medical devices reflect his dedication to improving lives through technology, while continuing to explore and innovate both professionally and personally. 💻📷🚴‍♂️