Meet Collin, a key player in our embedded systems team. Collin’s journey into the world of engineering began with a close family bond and a shared love for computers, including video games.

Growing up in Iowa, Collin attended a small high school, where he was part of a graduating class of just 18 students. Five of his classmates, including himself, went on to study at the University of Iowa. Always excelling in science and math, Collin initially wanted to be a doctor but decided against it due to his aversion to blood. Instead, he found his calling as a software engineer.

For those just starting their careers, Collin emphasizes the importance of curiosity and mentorship. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” he advises. “Spend every minute you can with senior engineers.” This approach, he believes, is crucial for rapid learning and professional growth. His emphasis on curiosity and mentorship underscores the collaborative spirit at bb7.

Collin’s involvement in sports has also conveyed valuable lessons that translate well into his professional life. Through sports, he learned the importance of continuous improvement and self-assessment, a philosophy he carries into his career. This drive to constantly ask, “What can I do better?” is something he encourages in others as well.

Outside the office, Collin enjoys golfing, working out, and watching football. An avid sports fan, Collin roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Lakers, with his dad and grandpa supporting opposing teams. The whole family shares a love for the St. Louis Cardinals, and as a University of Iowa alumnus, Collin lives and dies by Hawkeyes football.

Collin Thornton’s journey demonstrates a deep passion for both technology and continuous learning. His enthusiasm and willingness to grow make him a role model for new employees, showing the impact of staying curious and engaged in one’s professional development. His dedication to improving his skills and knowledge makes him a valuable member of the bb7 team. 💻🏈⛳️