We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on Pahul Singh, our talented Embedded Systems Engineer at bb7! His unwavering passion for technology and dedication to solving our clients’ challenges make him an invaluable member of our team.

What Pahul loves most about his job is the incredible camaraderie he shares with his colleagues. Always ready to lend a helping hand, he finds inspiration in the amazing teamwork that drives our success. But he doesn’t stop there — Pahul thrives on-site, relishing the opportunity to test and debug circuits, transforming innovative designs into practical solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Pahul is originally from Punjab, India, and moved to the Madison area with his family when he was 14. His journey into this dynamic field began during high school, where his fascination with programming classes ignited a deep interest in computer engineering. A pivotal decision led him to Madison Area Technical College, where he embraced a mix of circuit courses and computer architecture studies, paving the way for a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Today, Pahul proudly brings his expertise to bb7, contributing to groundbreaking projects as an Embedded Systems Engineer.

Beyond the world of circuits and programming, Pahul has a vibrant life outside of work. An avid sports enthusiast, his heart beats for cricket, a sport that unites his native India and holds cherished memories from his homeland. Pahul has become the resident cricket expert here at bb7, teaching those interested in the sport and hosting Indian Premier League watch parties over lunch, where everyone chooses their own team to root for! If you were to ask Pahul to tell you about cricket, he would say it’s “just like baseball, but better”. Here at bb7, he has also embraced a new passion — golf! After work, he joins a lively group of co-workers for some friendly games during the sunny summer months.

Pahul’s enthusiasm, both inside and outside the workplace, sets an inspiring example for us all. Let’s celebrate his exceptional skills, love for technology, and of course, passion for cricket — making Pahul a true star on our team! 🎉👏