Meet Duane Kaufman, an integral member of our team who finds immense satisfaction in the ever-changing landscape of his role. When asked what he finds most fulfilling about his job, Duane animatedly shares his enthusiasm for diving headfirst into a wide array of subjects. When asked what he does in his role, his response was a playful, “Which week, specifically, are you asking about?” 😊 Duane may be immersing himself in medical device research one week, and sustainable packaging materials the next. Simply put, Duane thrives on continuous learning.

For those embarking on their career journey, Duane imparts a pearl of wisdom: always embrace challenges even when they seem unfamiliar. As you push your boundaries, you will find that the process becomes more manageable over time. Stay open to evolving your strategies and never hesitate to acknowledge the source of a great idea, even if it was not your own. These insights reflect Duane’s growth-oriented mindset and his readiness to welcome new experiences.

Breaking down his job and its intricacies to young minds, Duane likens it to solving puzzles and navigating mazes. “Imagine working on puzzles and mazes every day, like the ones you love to play with. Each puzzle is like a unique adventure. Sometimes it’s about helping people think differently, other times it’s about inventing new materials using cool techniques like origami, and occasionally, it involves creating gadgets that no one has ever seen before.” This knack for simplifying complex tasks shines through in his relatable explanation.

Outside of the workplace, Duane finds solace in his workshop, where he tinkers with building and repairing items, especially vintage tractors. This hands-on pursuit showcases his affinity for the beauty of simplicity and his knack for finding ingenious solutions. Through his workshop endeavors, Duane continually reinforces the idea that elegance often lies in keeping things straightforward and efficient.

With Duane on our team, we are fortunate to have a dedicated individual who not only embraces the dynamic nature of their role but also cherishes the joy of constant learning and creative exploration. His journey serves as a reminder that every challenge surmounted contributes to personal and professional advancement. 🌟🔧🚜