Meet Kevin Kopp, our multi-talented Senior Electronics Technician who thrives on the diverse array of projects he encounters in his role. His ability to seamlessly transition from circuit board layouts to wiring test fixtures keeps his work consistently engaging.

When asked about his favorite aspect of his job, Kevin enthusiastically shares, “The variety of projects in different fields/industries that we get to work on. One day I may be working on assembling and soldering a circuit board, the next wiring a test fixture. It keeps it interesting.” His passion for variety and adaptability shines through, making him a vital asset to our team.

Kevin’s dream project is nothing short of fascinating. He aspires to work on aviation-related endeavors, whether it’s avionics, lighting, radio systems, or engine management. The allure of aviation captures his imagination, and if not that, he dreams of contributing to a design that he can personally use and appreciate.

Beyond the workplace, Kevin finds joy in activities that vary with the seasons. During the warm weather months, you can catch Kevin soaring high, either flying his paramotor or tending to his radio-controlled airplanes and helicopters. When the winter chill sets in, he immerses himself in the sport he enjoys most—curling, both as a coach and player.

In Kevin, we have a versatile team member who not only thrives on the diversity of projects but also harbors exciting dreams and embraces seasonal adventures. His journey reminds us of the importance of staying adaptable and finding inspiration in a variety of pursuits. 🥌🔌🛩️