Meet Josh Bauer, a dedicated member of our team who thrives on the diversity of design projects and the opportunity to collaborate with the many talented team members here at bb7.

When discussing the highlights of his job, Josh radiates excitement, particularly about his work environment. His deep appreciation for the talented team at bb7 and the diverse range of design projects reinforces the contributions he brings to our organization through collaboration and tackling multifaceted design challenges. Much of Josh’s career has involved the design and development of lighting and LED products. Along with his other mechanical engineering design and innovations, Josh has a passion for LED lighting solutions to achieve the visual effects required by clients and industrial designers.

Josh started his journey during a college internship where he was tasked with creating CAD models and computer animations used in courtrooms. This experience provided him with a solid foundation in advanced engineering software, which later proved to be valuable as a product design engineer.

For those just entering the workforce, Josh offers sage advice: “Lack of experience can feel intimidating, but don’t let it hold you back. Discovering a solution to a problem you have not solved before will become one of the most memorable achievements of your career.” His words of encouragement reflect his commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Outside of the office, Josh enjoys a range of activities. He finds relaxation and rejuvenation in kayaking and canoeing on the picturesque lakes of Wisconsin, while also venturing into the depths of the waters through scuba diving. The joy of cooking and sharing meals with family and friends further enriches his life beyond work.

As a child, Josh’s dreams revolved around designing, initially aspiring to create cars, and eventually transitioning into a passion for designing consumer products. This early aspiration has now manifested into a successful career, marked by his contributions to various design projects.

Josh is a versatile team member who not only excels in an array of design projects but also discovers satisfaction in collaboration, mentorship, and personal pursuits. His path highlights the significance of embracing challenges, fostering personal growth, and appreciating a rich and multifaceted life. 💡🛠️🏞️🌊