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Does FEA seem unFEA$ible?

There is awesome power in computational analysis!

Most of the trial and error developing electronics, materials and parts can be avoided because computer models and sophisticated analyses can simulate so many physical operations and environmental conditions. Unfortunately, many small and...
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bb7 to Offer World-Class Battery Testing

bb7 fills gap in product development industry by integrating battery testing into their process.

Madison, WI, June 1, 2016

Comprehensive product development firm bb7 today announced an expansion of their research and development capabilities with a new offering: world-class battery...
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Aggravated Batteries Part I

Part I – Smoke Gets in Your Thighs The surveillance camera video shows a man working behind a store counter when suddenly a shower of flames and smoke shoots from his pants pocket. It’s November of 2016 and the battery...
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Event: Camp Custom Testing – June 29th

Discover how product testing can improve product innovation, quality and performance!

Since 1944, bb7 has developed custom tests and testing fixtures that answer the toughest - and weirdest - questions. Our testing experts have developed and executed tests for Fortune...
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