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Product Failures: What Went Wrong?

PREVENT PRODUCT FAILURE with proper material selection. Material selection has become increasingly complicated and increasingly critical. Consider the profusion of product requirements, the plethora of design considerations, and the vast collection of available metals and plastics. Faulty material selection can...
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Make a Mess: Testing Cleaning Products

Understanding the Messy Process of Developing product performance test methods The cleaning product market is flooded with competing products vying for your attention, with labels that include “better than,” “more energy efficient,” and “works faster.” Verifying those claims requires a...
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bb7 Unveils Honey Whiskey

Wisconsin-Based Product Development Firm, bb7, produces a limited-edition honey whiskey made with honey from their on-campus hives.

Madison, WI - March 29, 2016

Comprehensive product development firm, bb7, unveils its latest product in a series of products related to the...
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Tom Patterson Will Drive You to Success

Tom Patterson

Director of Business Development Tom Patterson is a proven Business Development leader known for achieving global sales and market growth. He helps clients realize their goals: innovation and market success. His sales strategy prioritizes the client experience -...
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