bb7 fills gap in product development industry by integrating battery testing into their process.

Madison, WI, June 1, 2016

Comprehensive product development firm bb7 today announced an expansion of their research and development capabilities with a new offering: world-class battery testing integrated into their development process. bb7 can now offer advanced battery testing to specific charge/discharge profiles and evaluate new battery technologies.

At the core of this new offering is a qualified team of engineers, R&D scientists, and a state-of-the-art MACCOR test system. bb7 can now test the appropriateness and performance of battery technologies to aid clients in selecting the best power storage option for their new products.

This level of battery testing can be difficult for companies to locate within reasonable proximity or procure at an acceptable price. By filling an important gap existing in the product development industry, bb7 will serve as a unique provider for clients whose product lines include battery-operated devices.

“Many battery manufacturers embellish the performance specifications of their batteries and only test them under ideal conditions. These conditions rarely mimic the actual conditions of product use. With this new capability, bb7 can verify the manufacturer’s specifications for the battery, and test that battery under the same conditions the final product will be subjected to. This level of testing can greatly reduce the risk of catastrophic failure,” said Ben Paprocki, bb7’s Director of Advanced Development.

bb7 offers a full suite of product development services, and battery testing will augment the turnkey product development solutions that bb7 already provides. Services will include testing (from small single cells to larger multicell batteries), performance validation, environmental testing, and battery lifecycle testing. It is important to note that bb7 will not offer battery certification services at this time.

bb7 is one of very few product development firms who own and operate the MACCOR multifunction Series 4000. With this state-of-the-art test system, bb7 can offer a range of fully automated, computerized tests with the highest level of specifications and features available in the industry.

The Series 4000 gives bb7 the power to perform virtually any type of battery test, with any type of product (i.e. battery materials, batteries, super-capacitors, etc.) and various chemistries.

bb7 has an extensive history in research and development. The company was founded as Bjorksten Labs, a research laboratory, in 1944. Bjorksten Labs was active in many scientific areas, particularly materials science – Dr. Bjorksten has been referred to as “the father of the reinforced plastic industry.” Today, bb7’s tech center offers a range of custom and standard testing. With the addition of advanced battery testing, bb7 will remain a leader in R&D, analysis, and testing for product development.

“Proper battery selection is essential to almost every industry. Any device with a battery needs extensive testing and risk mitigation as part of its development,” said Bob Schofield, bb7 President. “Consider the unfortunate trend of batteries exploding in the hands of consumers. bb7 can now help clients avoid these failures with thorough battery testing, evaluation, and selection.”

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