Meet Mike Naughton, a member of our mechanical engineering team whose skillset runs in his family. Mike’s brother, wife, son, and three nephews are all mechanical engineers! Mike’s interest in engineering started when his brother became an engineer – Mike was good at math, so mechanical engineering was a natural fit.

After years of working at large corporations, Mike now enjoys the variety of projects he works on in many industries. Recently, Mike has been the mechanical lead on an aortic stent project which has been a wonderful experience. It is gratifying for him to develop a device with the potential to save and improve lives.

Mike’s advice to those choosing their career path is to choose interesting classes and see what develops. Your life and career doesn’t need to be perfectly planned from day one.

Throughout his career, Mike has learned that product designs you work on aren’t necessarily based on your opinion but applying your talent and experience to the products requirements and user’s needs. Seeking and incorporating constructive feedback is critical in achieving optimal results in design engineering professions.

Mike enjoys working at bb7 because of the supportive and cooperative culture, which allows for creative thinking and design. In addition to working on interesting projects, Mike loves the culture at bb7 because of the camaraderie and company events, such as golfing, competing in the annual chili cookoff, joining in the cricket and MotoGP watch parties at lunch. One of Mike’s favorite career perks is the travel his job requires. If not for all the visits to factories, suppliers, and clients, he wouldn’t have been to half of the places he has been.

Outside work, Mike enjoys playing sports, but says his body is trying to teach him to temper his enthusiasm. Mike likes playing pickleball and is a frequent Tuesday afternoon bb7 golf group participant. He has already realized that diving in pickleball is a bad idea but has not yet slowed down his golf swing.

Mike’s career as a mechanical engineer reflects a blend of family influence, personal passion, and professional dedication. His journey underscores the importance of curiosity and collaboration, making Mike a vital member of our team. ⛳️✈️🔧