Meet Emily Warner, whose journey into biomedical engineering was sparked by an unlikely source: Star Wars. As a kid, Emily was fascinated by the scene where Luke Skywalker receives his bionic hand in The Empire Strikes Back. She didn’t realize it at the time, but this was what seeded her interest in medical devices.

During high school, Emily gravitated toward a career in the medical field, but the path forward was unclear. It wasn’t until freshman year in college when an aptitude test introduced her to Biomedical Engineering. Everything clicked into place, and Emily made the decision to switch her major to engineering, setting the course for an exciting journey ahead.

Throughout her career, Emily had incredible tenacity. In engineering, challenges are inevitable, but it’s the relentless pursuit of solutions that defines success. Emily has learned that failure is not an endpoint, but a stepping stone toward the desired result. Each setback presents an opportunity to learn and grow, driving you closer to achieving your goals.

Beyond engineering, Emily finds joy in spending time with her extended family, indulging in great food, and bonding over board games. Emily and her family like to make a dessert known to them simply as “Pistachio Dessert.” With layers of crushed Oreos, pistachio-flavored ice cream, and whipped cream, it’s a treat that is simple yet delicious! Her personal time is dedicated to creative pursuits, whether it’s painting, crafting, or sewing in her craft room, accompanied by a dog or cat curled up by her feet.

Emily is a shining example of commitment and creativity. Her journey from Star Wars-inspired dreams to innovative engineering is a testament to her dedication and passion for her craft. We are proud to have Emily as a valued member of our team, driving innovation and making a difference in the world of product development and biomedical engineering. 🌌🔬🧪