WiHive: Wireless Beehive Monitor

WiHive is a wireless beehive monitor that gives you the real-time “buzz” about what’s going on in bb7’s beehives so you can mind our beeswax.

Project Scope


The WiHive monitor is the first wireless beehive monitor using cutting-edge Renesas Synergy technology – a family of processors that enable accelerated software development.

WiHive allows web access to real-time data about bb7’s beehives: temperature, humidity and audio to start, with future plans for video. The internal hive monitor integrates with the WiHive app so anyone can view current and historical data collected from multiple hives.

WiHive was developed in under two months (yep; you read that correctly). It showcases bb7’s capabilities in product development, specifically in the areas of software and electrical engineering for wireless applications (Internet of Things, or IoT). The real-time operating system (RTOS), WiFi interface and sensor interfaces dramatically reduced development time. The multi-thread environment enabled parallel development of the hive monitoring features and allows for future expansion.

THe Nitty Gritty, Honey!

Temperature Monitoring

Locations: Inside top of hive, inside bottom of hive and external to the hive
Operation range: -40° C to 125° C
Accuracy: +/- 0.4° C in the range of -10° C to 85° C

Humidity Monitoring

Locations: Inside of hive and outside of hive
Range: 0% to 100% relative humidity
Accuracy: +/- 3% in the range of 0 to 80%

Ambient Light Sensor (lux Meter)

Location: Outside of hive
0.01 lux to 83,000 lux (less than full moonlight to full daylight)

Audio Monitoring

Location: Inside of hive
Range: 0-4000 Hz audio frequency response
Format: Encoded in MPEG 3 format
Analysis: Peak frequency of audio and relative audio strength of that peak frequency

Why Hives?

In 2013, bb7 adopted two beehives that have become a symbol of teamwork. Like the hives, bb7 buzzes with a group of organized and industrious team members. We work together towards one goal: to produce something rewarding.

For several years, bb7 has given clients samples of honey and honey products. With WiHive, bb7 is giving back to the bees. With data collected from WiHive, bb7 hopes to shed light on Colony Collapse Disorder. We have lost previous colonies to the increasing phenomenon of colony collapse – an epidemic that threatens global ecology and food supply. Our hope is that WiHive’s data may give insight into this scientific mystery and help lead to a cure.

Check Out the WiHive App

This type of wireless solution doesn’t stop at beehives: it can be applied to any product where wireless control/monitoring is required. We’re all abuzz with the possibilities.

WiHive was developed in under two months by bb7's development team using the Renesas Synergy Platform - the embedded systems platform upon which the beehive monitor technology was built.

Peter Davis: Part engineer, part beekeeper.

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