Orascoptic Dental Loupes: An evolution

Our vision for wireless loupes gave an entire industry better sight.

Project Scope

Part Evolution, Part Revolution

Orascoptic and bb7 collaborated to launch a three-part product evolution that revolutionized dental industry eyewear. Developed concurrently, the products each meet a different need in the marketplace. The first product improved the dental industry standard with a lighter and smaller battery pack that is easier to wear. The second device was an LED retrofit kit – a first-to-market product. The third: A set of best-in-class loupes with an integrated headlamp.

From Hip to Pocket

The first product in the evolution, Endeavor, was a headlight that increased brightness, yet reduced the physical size and weight of the unit; the Endeavor was a third lighter than the industry standard. The battery pack was small enough to fit into a pocket and work through dental smocks. Endeavor featured a headlamp that was half the diameter of its predecessor and the smallest (yet mightiest) LED light available.

Freedom From the Standard

The second product in the line, Freedom, is a dramatic improvement in ergonomic comfort, hygiene and usability. Freedom was the first product to retrofit any pair of dental loupes with a wireless LED lamp and integrated battery pack. Ethnographic research revealed a need for easy-to-access controls. bb7’s response was to integrate a capacitive touch control of the light allowing for quick and hygienic adjustments. Dentists are finally free of cumbersome cables.

Best-In-Class Development for a Best-in-Class Product

The XV1 dental loupes were designed to be best-in-class. A complete package, XV1s are the first fully integrated wireless loupe and headlight, and feature capacitive touch controls to adjust light intensity. They boast a smaller (yet more durable) battery – half the battery weight of the Freedom. The unit also features a smaller (yet brighter) surgical light and are even lighter thanks to bb7’s overall system miniaturization.

bb7’s insight delivered an improved product, a first-to-market product and ultimately a best-in-class product in dental industry eyewear.

Capacitive touch technology uses static electricity to enable dental professionals to change light intensity with the touch of a gloved hand.

The XV1 has easy battery access

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