Leer Ice Breaker

Resurrecting an iconic ice machine that hadn’t been redesigned since the Kennedy administration. The iconic ice merchandiser gets a cool new look.

Project Scope

Ice, Ice Baby

Leer, the inventor of the ice chest, looked to bb7 to expand their line of ice merchandisers in a saturated market. They sought a newer, more modern look that would open doors to more points of purchase than grocery and convenience stores.

Beyond Looking Cool

bb7’s user research revealed unique insights to consumer perceptions of ice machines: First, users demanded a cleaner box – they want hygienic ice and a sleek appearance. Second, purchasers wanted an intuitive and convenient purchase process.

bb7’s design team performed a Visual Brand Language (VBL) program to guide the evolution of the iconic machine into a modern ice machine that still promoted and embodied the brand’s heritage.

Research-Driven Design

bb7 delivered a product that satisfied Leer’s need to refresh aesthetics and disrupt the market. The Ice Breaker design is clean, minimal and approachable, with sleek curves and contours. The handles are larger and more ergonomic, inviting the user to open the door.

The new self-serve feature allows the user to buy ice 24/7 at the machine with a credit card. This efficient, unattended purchasing process allows Leer ice machines to be placed almost anywhere – thereby expanding retail opportunities. The Ice Breaker can stand alone at campgrounds, marinas, sports venues and more.

Cleaner Ice, Delivered

The Ice Breaker not only looks clean with a fresh, white interior; it actually is cleaner: The inside of the machine is enhanced with antimicrobial materials. The exterior is made with a high-density polyethylene, which is resistant to weather damage.

Leer’s major competition is themselves - their ice machines last over 50 years! The Ice Breaker’s innovative features will attract new buyers and open new market opportunities.

“bb7 has fantastic in-house product design skills – the Visual Brand Language work they did for us was absolutely first class. They were sympathetic to our heritage and at the same time, understood the opportunity if they could create a winning design. They knocked it out of the park….”

Mark Edmonds, President at Leer
Fresh off the line: The Ice Breaker is born

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