Planet Bike: Bicycle Headlight

bb7 lights the way for a new family of sophisticated bicycle headlights.

Project Scope

lighting the way

Planet Bike sought bb7 to integrate innovative functionality with performance-based style. The Blaze 300 SLX headlight is the first of a new family of headlights with new product features for enhanced form, improved safety and stronger performance. With so many bicycle enthusiasts and consumer product experts on staff, every project with Planet Bike is a passion project; this was no exception.

The new headlight was developed (concept to launch) in only twelve months.

Illuminating Innovation

The Blaze SLX headlights were designed with strong emphasis on form; each headlight in the Blaze SLX series will share a sleek visual brand language. The amber side lights are smoothly integrated into the headlights’ sleek form; they allow bicyclists more visibility (275 degrees) to oncoming traffic. The Blaze 300 SLX features four different light modes: High (300 lumens), low (150 lumens) and two different flash patterns for day and night. The new design features an intuitive power/mode button, and “shielding” to prevent light from shining in the cyclist’s face.

The Blaze 300 SLX is lightweight, weighing 128 grams. The headlights use a rubber bracket for quick and easy attachment and removal. Additionally, the assembly bolts are hidden from view for a sleek appearance and to prevent consumer misuse.

Shining Performance

The rechargeable Blaze SLX bike lights have undergone stringent product testing and have passed IP66 dust and water testing. They have achieved the highest rating of any Planet Bike headlights – cyclists can expect excellent performance in some of the worst conditions.


The Blaze 300 SLX headlight is the first of a new family of headlights designed by bb7.

"Not only are they handsomely designed but, with bb7’s help, we were able to integrate small details to turn a solid idea into a fantastic bike light."

Heath Fossen, Director of Product Development, Planet Bike
Each headlight in the Blaze SLX series will share a visual brand language.

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