Meet Pat Reid, a quintessential people person, who is a natural at his role as Business Development Manager at bb7. bb7 turns clients’ ideas into reality, and Pat helps find those clients.

Seeing clients’ dreams come to life is his favorite part of working at bb7, and it makes him want to tell the world what a cool place it is! Pat’s official title is Senior Business Development Manager, but he likes to think of it as a mix of ambassador, cheerleader, nerd herder, entrepreneur, and occasional counselor, especially when employees can be found kvetching on his office futon. Over the past 12 years, Pat’s favorite projects have been the ones with the most impact on society, whether it be environmental, safety, or medical device.

Pat’s career wasn’t a straightforward path to business development. In college, he explored different majors, such as biology, radio & TV, and business. He finally landed on what he thought was the perfect fit for him and graduated with a degree in marketing and communications. Pat’s advice to someone in a similar situation is, “Be curious, ask a lot of questions and surround yourself with people who challenge the way you see the world!”

Pat is never shy when it comes to leading coworkers in lunch outings, whether it be Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, or a visit to the local Indian buffet. Pat is always down to expand his palate and embrace a wide array of cuisines.

Outside of the office, Pat and his wife enjoy being outdoors in any way possible, including bike rides, kayaking, and hiking local trails. Visiting the national parks is on their bucket list, and they have been visiting a new park every year, checking parks off their list.

Pat is one of the most enthusiastic team members at bb7, whose eagerness and gregariousness extend both professionally and to his personal life. We are fortunate that Pat’s journey has led him to bb7, and we are excited to see what the future holds! 🌟🚵‍♂️📍