Harken Carbo Blocks

A visual product study that revealed much more than beautiful curves.

Project Scope

Color is never enough

Harken initially approached bb7 to explore color options for their products. They also wanted their line of carbo blocks to be perceived as lightweight AND strong. We proposed a holistic approach to the design of the product. By performing a complete Visual Brand Language (VBL) exercise, insight and direction emerged that informed and improved color, shapes, materials and manufacturing processes.

If it’s speed you want

bb7’s partnership with Harken saved them both time and money by using VBL research to gather client insight and determine development direction. The new Harken blocks dramatically simplified the integration of the blocks onto the boats, also saving time and money. When some of the lightest and most efficient blocks are on your racing sailboat, you can save time and win money.

Harken’s Carbo Blocks feature corrosion-resistant components and friction reduction technology.
They’re the lightest blocks available in their respective categories.
Even better, their new design promotes efficient installation and reduces boat building time. Pretty slick, if you ask us.

Visual Brand Language studies often reveal significant product innovation opportunities. Incorporating VBL into product design ensures a consistent representation of your brand.

Initial sketches: Concept exploration

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