Legendary Custom Testing

Since 1944, bb7 has developed custom tests and testing fixtures that answer the toughest - and weirdest - questions about product innovation, quality and performance.

Bring us your problems - our testing experts will scientifically unravel the solution.

bb7 Tested, User Approved

Our testing experts and scientists develop new test methodologies, fabricate custom test fixtures and execute product tests in collaboration with our designers and engineers. Our team incorporates the results from testing to develop optimized products.

Let's Prove It

+ Products Should Fail in the Lab, Not in the Market

Quality issues, inferior performance and product failure can lead to brand degradation, damage, injury and even death. bb7 testing can predict and prevent performance issues from entering the market.

Our custom quality tests seek to understand:

  • Whether designs meet product requirements.
  • How products or components behave during various use scenarios.
  • System influences that affect product performance.
  • How products are affected by environmental conditions.

+ Think You Have the Best Product? Prove it.

Find out how your product compares or discover how it can outperform the competition! Our testing can quantitatively justify your products’ performance claims and determine how it ranks among existing products.

Our comparative tests uncover product advantages, validate claims and more:

  • Does my product deliver on a brand promise?
  • Is it really “new and improved”?
  • How does my product outperform the competition?
  • What future improvements can be made in next generation products?

Our Tests Prove We’re Amazing

When it comes to custom product testing, there is no competition. It’s hard to find a product development firm with strong testing capabilities, and it’s hard to find a lab with strong product development capabilities. At bb7, testing and development are integrated.

Put us to the test