Finally, a personality quiz for product DEVELOPERS by a product engineer!

Not a product developer? It’s okay! You can still learn so much about yourself. Read on!

Look around. Plastics, plastics everywhere! Approximately 300 million tons of plastic were produced in 2015.

Plastic is the prom queen of materials; it continues to grow in popularity – no matter how fake it might be. Plastics are cost effective to manufacture and they have a unique range of physical properties. These properties allow them to be realized in a diverse number of applications, from the elasticity of athletic apparel to the impact resistance of Kevlar.

Like people, each plastic has its own special characteristics. From the conventional polypropylene resin used to dispense your everyday health and beauty products to the exotic liquid crystal polymer used for micromechanical electrical systems (MEMS), aka microscopic machines.

Until now we have relied on amateur quizzes like “Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?” or “Which City Should You Live In?” to teach us about ourselves and reveal our true destinies.

At long last, here it is: the personality quiz to end all personality quizzes!

Upon completion of this quiz you will finally achieve ultimate self-actualization.

  1. A modern home with the latest smart features; I want to be able to control it all from the palm of my hand.
  2. A contemporary home with lots of amenities such as walk-in closets, central vacuum and
    steam shower, to name a few.
  3. A traditional home would be nice, so long as it has a large yard and many mature trees.
  4. A ranch home with all the necessary updates to keep energy costs down.
  5. A simple one-bedroom apartment.

  1. Cutting-Edge Car (think Fisker Karma)
  2. High-Performance Sports Car (think Hennessey Venom GT)
  3. Sport Utility Vehicle (think Ford Explorer)
  4. Fuel-Efficient Car (think Toyota Prius)
  5. One with only one seat (think bicycle)

  1. Upgrade the home theater system.
  2. Remodel the bathroom…but, the work would be contracted.
  3. Repair an appliance.
  4. Organize the closets or the garage.
  5. No improvements needed; I never have visitors anyway.

  1. Intrigue. Something that is unique or unusual.
  2. Impact. I don’t care how much it costs!
  3. Value. Something cool but reasonably priced.
  4. Practicality. Something they need.
  5. I will just send them birthday wishes via social media.

  1. An exotic locale with a hut over the water.
  2. An all-inclusive five star resort in the waterfront suite.
  3. An escape to the great outdoors to become one with nature.
  4. A stay-cation; I just want to relax.
  5. Somewhere remote…I hear the Urals are nice this time of year.

  1. Entertainment equipment – Audio/visual systems, lights, cameras, fog machines, etc.
  2. A few bottles of fine spirits that pair well with delicacies.
  3. A safe ride home.
  4. Deviled eggs – my Grandma’s recipe of course. And if requested, a Twister mat.
  5. A well-thought out reason that you won’t be attending.


  1. Like to color outside of the lines.
  2. Rules? Hmmm….there must be a loophole somewhere.
  3. Rules are useful guidelines
  4. Rules, schmules
  5. Rules are the construct of mankind. Don’t insult me with this pretense.


  1. Strength
  2. Invisibility
  3. Toughness (aka “bad ass”)
  4. Elasticity
  5. Separation


  1. I have an app that will make activity suggestions based on my location and preferences…But I could lose a few hours browsing B&H’s online catalogue.
  2. A hot stone massage.
  3. Anything to get outside in nature.
  4. There’s a great second-run movie theatre next to an amazing flea market!
  5. Me time: I can’t wait to finish my book, do a crossword, teach myself guitar…Don’t call me! I am busy.


  1. Molecular gastronomy
  2. Michelin 5 Star
  3. Al Fresco dining
  4. I prefer a potluck
  5. Delivery



Mostly 1’s – Liquid Crystal Polymer

Due to their high cost and unique properties, LCPs are often used in electrical parts and thin walled mechanical components when most resins just won’t cut it. LCPs have been used to replace ceramics and metals because of their outstanding strength at extreme temperatures and chemical resistance.

What does this say about you?  You love cutting-edge technology and all things unusual. You are appreciated for being weird and believe that it is good to be different and try new things. While others break down during stressful situations, you keep cool and keep going.

Mostly 2’s – Polysulfone

PSUs are known for their strength, transparency and hydrolytic stability. These resins give an excellent balance of performance and cost and as a result are commonly used in medical devices and fluid handling applications.

What does this say about you?  You are a hard-worker and earn your rewards even if others perceive them to be lavish. You enjoy high-performance products and experiences; why bother spending money on it if it is not the best? You truly understand the old truism “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So after a week of hard work, you indulge with the good things in life along with a little bit of pampering.

Mostly 3’s – Nylon 6/6

PA66 resins are utilized in a wide variety of durable applications including air intake manifolds, sailboat blocks and sports and recreation equipment. Their toughness and strength have made them the most widely-used engineering thermoplastic resin.

What does this say about you?  You’re an earthy type: you are dependable and responsible, and enjoy the outdoors. You come alive with physical activity; fresh air invigorates you. Your friends depend on you to be there to weather the storm because of your history of stability in various environments.

Mostly 4’s – Polypropylene

As the result of their low cost and ease of processing PPs are commonly used in packaging of consumable goods. PPs’ fair mechanical strength decreases significantly with heat.

What does this say about you?  You are practical, laid back and pennywise.  People value your flexibility and levelheaded nature. You’re not pretentious, easy to get along with and might be considered a “cheap date.” Look out for conflict! When things get hot or heated, you tend to break down.

Mostly 5’s – Polytetrafluoroethylene

PTFE was accidentally discovered by a chemist at DuPont and is commonly referred to as Teflon (you likely know it from cookware). PTFE is most noted for its ability to not to bond to other materials. The other major application of PTFE is electrical insulation in cables and wiring in aerospace as well as computer applications.

What does this say about you?  You are independent but once people discover you they realize just how brilliant you are. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert; you enjoy your own company. People are impressed by how comfortable you are with yourself. Look out for pushing others away; don’t you want to share your amazing cooking with someone?

Disclaimer: This quiz was made by a Materials Engineer/ Research & Development Director who took AP Psychology in the mid-1990s. While she is not qualified to assess your personality, she is qualified to evaluate your material choices (just like she does for many products including a drug delivery device). The results of this quiz should not be used to evaluate, diagnose and/or treat any real or perceived personality disorders or idiosyncrasies. Although, it’s a fair assumption that if you enjoyed this quiz, you’re a bright individual. This quiz is void in New Amsterdam.

Note: The author, Melissa, and bb7 encourage you to repurpose and recycle. Repurposed water bottles provide roofing in developing countries and recycling helps to extend the world’s natural resources.