The Front End of Innovation conference is just around the corner, and Nick Higbee (Director of User Research and Industrial Design) and Melissa Kurtz (Director of Advanced Testing and Material Science) are gearing up to represent the bb7 team. We’ve sent them on a mission to explain what “Your big idea just got real” means to our clients.

Here are a few other things we are looking forward to at FEI:

“The speaker I’m most excited to hear from is Ivy Ross of Google Hardware Products. What Google is doing in the realm of hardware is connecting a lot of dots (and experiences). Bridging digital, service, and device experiences together with grace and style is insanely ambitious…and they’re doing it at a scale that is quite humbling.” – Nick Higbee

“I am excited to see how organizations that have been perceived as needing an infusion of innovation will be addressing this need.  Examples include the sessions “Bold Changes at US Postal Service” and “Transforming Kraft Heinz’s Innovation Pipeline Approach”. As someone with a deep background in failure analysis and prevention, the session “Proactively Preventing Failure” speaks to me as well… it is even cooler that one of our friends (Prescouter) is presenting!” – Melissa Kurtz

Stop by and say “hi” at our conversation station. They’ll be reading people’s innovation fortunes…you’ll have to see them to find out what that means!