maggie graham

Director of Marketing

Maggie is an accomplished marketeer and performer. Target audiences and theatrical audiences need to hold on to their socks – Maggie will knock them off. For more than a fifteen years, she has worked across the country in sales, marketing and entertainment.

Her marketing work has included experience with multiple design firms, a Tony award-winning theater, a market research company and a web development agency. She is responsible for all things marketing-related at bb7: campaigns, events, advertisements, public relations, content and more. Notably, she was the mastermind behind bb7’s website.

Her entertainment career has included acting, ballet, improvisation, stand up comedy, film, teaching and puppetry. She has worked with Second City, has been featured in media (print, television, radio, etc), and was named the runner up by the Chicago Reader for best stand-up comedian.

Ask Her About: The psychological effects of being heckled.

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