Listen Up! bb7 on the PMI Podcast!

80% of the products that bb7 develops go to market within three years. The secret to our project success rate is that our product development process is rooted in aerospace principles. Our process puts Systems Engineering on the forefront and Program Management is a high priority. Our talented project managers provide ongoing communication, mitigate risk and help to ensure desired outcomes.

bb7’s Director of Software and Electrical Engineering, Ruth Barry, and Mechanical Engineer, Nathaniel Fischer join bb7 Partner, Randy Iliff in an episode of The Project Management Institute’s podcast PM Point of View. This episode centers on Systems Engineering and Project Management. Ruth and Nathaniel are interviewed as Project Management experts – both have extensive experience covering a range of product development projects.

The podcast examines how to use a Systems Engineering approach to Project Management when dealing with the added complexity of the unknown. Unknown factors like new concepts, inventions and discoveries can all affect a project’s scope, cost, and timeline.

Take a listen and learn how to project plan, mitigate risk, and stay on time/on budget in the face of (drumroll, please) the unknown.

Part I

In part one, Randy Iliff shares his experience and expertise managing projects where 10% is known and 90% is unknown. Learn about his work as Chief Systems Engineer for the acclaimed IceCube project.

Part II

In part two, Ruth Barry weighs in on managing projects in which 50% is known and 50% is unknown. Here, she explains how to plan for the risk involved in new ideas and discoveries as she shares her experience managing the development of a drug delivery device.

Part III

In part three, Nathaniel Fischer discusses his expertise in managing projects where 90% is known and 10% is unknown. He describes his experience working on Documentation and Design — specifically as applied to a cost reduction project.

Many thanks to The Project Management Institute and the PM Point of View podcast for including bb7’s experts.

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