My first day and a half has been filled with discussion around how large companies facilitate innovation within their organizations through enablers, such as, innovation teams, innovation outposts, and university partnerships, to name a few.

While these efforts to make a large organization more innovative are well-intentioned, a massive challenge still exists. The cutting-edge product or technology that was developed needs to be adopted and implemented by the business.

Large companies want to innovate and be innovative; they create structures for that purpose. However, at the end of the day innovations are being rejected by the body. After all, the business still has their existing product roadmap to get to market and support.

“If you are innovating you are bringing improved products, systems and processes to market.” – Frank Stephenson

So far, I have not heard a clear solution to this problem, though it has been made clear that many are struggling with it. After all, if the innovation doesn’t make it to the consumer to make their lives better, isn’t it just a thought exercise? Or worse yet: an innovation theatre?

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. To be continued…