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The Moons of October – Part 2

Part 1 discussed the Harvest Moon (October 1st 2020) and how it is defined by the time of the autumn equinox and can vary in date from September 14th to October 8th. The full moon following the Harvest Moon is...
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The Moons of October – Part 1

October 2020 has two full moons. A look in any North American almanac will show that full moons are given names, generally taken from Native American tribes and usually referring to activities or natural events occurring in the calendar month....
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Feathered Skies of Autumn

Autumn sees many birds flocking together to begin migrating south. The most noticeable (and noisiest) in Wisconsin are the flocks of Canada geese moving along the Mississippi Flyway. Flocks feeding in the cornfield stubble following the harvest are common sights...
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