bb7 to debut a cutting edge wireless beehive monitor, WiHive, at DevCon 2015. With WiHive, bb7 seeks to shed light on Colony Collapse Disorder.


bb7, a comprehensive product development firm, announces today the completion of a new product: WiHive, a wireless beehive monitor. The monitor will make its debut at Renesas DevCon 2015 October 12th-15th. A Renesas Alliance Partner, bb7 will showcase WiHive as part of a demonstration of the new Renesas Synergy Platform – the embedded systems platform upon which the beehive monitor technology was built.


WiHive is the first wireless beehive monitor that uses cutting-edge Renesas Synergy technology, a qualified, easy-to-use platform that enables accelerated software development. The beehive monitor enables bb7 to mind their beeswax: it allows web access to real-time data about bb7’s beehives – temperature, humidity and audio to start – with future plans for video and more. bb7’s web and app development partner, Earthling Interactive, will launch WiHive’s website, The site will be live on October 12th, and the public will be able to view current and historical data collected from three hives (two at bb7, one at DevCon).


WiHive showcases bb7’s capabilities in product development, specifically in the areas of software and electrical engineering for wireless applications (Internet of Things, or IoT). “bb7’s demonstration of the Renesas Synergy Platform’s capabilities came to life in a wireless beehive monitor. The Synergy real-time operating system (RTOS), WiFi interface, and sensor interfaces dramatically reduced our development time. The multi-thread environment enables parallel development of the hive monitoring features and allows for future expansion,” said Ruth Barry, bb7’s Director of Electrical and Software Engineering.

The application of this type of wireless solution only begins with beehives: it can also be applied to any product where wireless control/monitoring is required. “We’ve developed numerous ‘IoT’ products for our clients. WiHive demonstrates our sophistication and efficiency in this area,” said Barry.

bb7 chose to apply this technology to beehives because they have two revered hives on campus (bb7 clients are often the recipients of honey treats). “We have lost previous colonies to the increasing phenomenon of colony collapse. This is an epidemic that threatens global ecology and food supply. Our hope is that WiHive’s data may give insight into this scientific mystery and help lead to a remedy,” stated Matt Blue, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at bb7.


WiHive will debut on October 12th at Renesas DevCon 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Orange County, California. On October 14th at 8:30 a.m. (PST), bb7 will present the story of WiHive’s development in a session that is part of DevCon’s Computing Architecture learning track. During the conference, attendees can stop by bb7’s booth (#10) in the exhibit hall to interact with WiHive and learn more about bb7.

As WiHive is intended for demonstration purposes, it will not be available for purchase. However, the bb7 development experts that made WiHive possible are ready and waiting to make your product dreams a reality.

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