bb7 Announces “Guaranteed Manufacturability”

bb7 offers guarantee to clients: the manufacturability of products it designs and develops.

Madison, WI – April 26, 2016

bb7 is pleased to announce a new promise to its clients: guaranteed manufacturability of products that bb7 designs and develops. “We are so confident in the feasibility of our work, we are guaranteeing it to clients. If our work is not manufacturable, we will return their investment,” said Bob Schofield, President of bb7.

bb7 proudly guarantees the manufacturability of the products they design provided that:

  • bb7 directs all design and development decisions with the client
  • Clients work with bb7 on a Phase 1 detailed specification and both parties agree to a final design specification
  • The cross-functional early stage design reviews include the manufacturer(s) selected for the production of all components of the system

bb7’s Director of Industrial Design & User Research, Nick Higbee, champions practical design.

The guarantee is in response to client feedback indicating that, while bb7’s competitors often failed at providing feasible designs, bb7 delivers product development solutions that are manufacturable.

“We understand that manufacturability is a major point of pain in our industry. While our competition may deliver ‘cool’ ideas that are impractical, we transform our awesome product concepts into manufacturable, profitable products,” said Schofield.

Mark Begin works on a prototype in the bb7 shop.

Mark Begin works on a prototype in the bb7 shop.

bb7 is able to deliver high-quality product development solutions by leveraging exceptional skills in Design for Manufacturing and Design for Additive Manufacturing. The bb7 team has a deep knowledge base in manufacturing and production processes. The company’s process is rooted in aerospace principles. bb7 employs cross-functional teams, comprised of designers, engineers, project managers and scientists, at every development stage to ensure feasibility.

bb7 is able to boast a staggering track record: 80% of the products the company develops go to market within three years.

“Our goal is to accelerate products to market. To achieve this, our designs must be manufacturable. This guarantee is our promise to our clients, who rely on bb7 for product success. Guaranteeing manufacturability is our way of renewing our commitment to client satisfaction in a measurable way,” said Schofield.

About bb7: bb7 is a product development firm that has been providing fully developed solutions since 1944.

With talent and capabilities found nowhere else, we transform problems into profitable products. Our elite team of super-developers — from artists to rocket scientists — can tackle any problem, launch your products (into space if you want) and guide you to brand dominance. Our teams have worked on subatomic particle research equipment in Antarctica, integrated Nobel Prize-winning technology into a medical device, resurrected an iconic machine that hadn’t been re-designed since the Kennedy administration, and so much more.

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