We are excited to announce our purchase of a brand-new Haas Mini Mill!  It is the perfect complement to the larger Haas TM-2P in our Tech Center and is a replacement for an old CNC mill that gave us all it could over the years. Sadly, it was time to say goodbye.  New year, new mill!

This compact machining center has a small footprint yet is packed full of features and adds capacity plus speed to our machining capabilities as we continuously improve our ability to efficiently produce parts for our clients at the highest level of quality.

“Our team has patiently and anxiously awaited the arrival and installation of the new Haas since fall and are thrilled to be tossing chips on the new mill,” said Steve Dieter, Director of Mechanical Engineering at bb7.

Wood, plastics, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, rigid foam board, and modeling board are several of the material families we use to create parts to address your needs.  Whether you need a single yet highly accurate prototype in the early concept stage of your project, or a small run to support startup or low volume production, we will work with you to create and execute a solution. We turn big ideas into reality in our Tech Center and can create intricate, complicated parts in under 24 hours if the design is right.

Our new Mini Mill adds horsepower to our holistic approach where we create concepts, build engineered CAD models, output to our machines to create parts for rapid feedback, verify the parts or system on custom designed test fixtures using custom test protocols, and rapidly refine and re-verify as necessary, all under our one roof.

Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss a specific need or would like to learn more about our capabilities.